The Wood People Connective  present, ‘Wilding’; a free, off-grid, forest arts festival in Church Wood, Hastings 2021.

Six local artists created site-specific art installations using foraged timber and natural materials.


Artists include myself, Luke Funnell (Project Rewild), Beccy Mccray, and the 2021 Turner Prize-nominated Project Artworks.


My nest installation references ideas of home, shelter, wildness, and wilderness. 

UP nest MFrench.jpeg

click on the image for more. Photos by Mark French.

UP Straw 2019/20 

Groundworks SouthEast and Hastings Borough Council commissioned me to make an artwork which would draw attention to the new straw bale build visitor centre for

Hastings Country Park  

The piece will be 1.5m x 2m and will be installed later this year

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Discovery 2019

An artwork made in response to my location reflecting elements of local history and my own psychological development.

I learned basketry techniques for two years at City Lit College. This piece is made using the hexagonal weave with 3 - 4m long x 4mm oak strips that were left from a previous project. 

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Revolution and Resonance 2017

This piece was made as a response to the environment after a residency in Ashburnham Place, Battle. 

A floating sculpture woven onsite, secured to a raft and tethered to an anchor was left to the mercy of the elements for 6 months and then burned on the water. 


2m x 2m oak strips 6m x 4mm

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This temporary and collaborative public artwork was made in the empty shell of t he Hastings Observer building during a Drink and Draw event.

Participants explored various ways of drawing and interweaving lines using their own bodies, light,  chalk, string, and tape.

Digital film and still images. 

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UP Straw wing sculpture WIP
Discovery, photograph 2019
revolution and resonance 2017
backbone OB 2.jpg