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My art practice 

has three elements

exploration - relationship - transformation


 As a hands-on maker, I work intuitively with materials in response to the landscape.

I reflect this in my practice as an art therapist. I work in groups with adults living with emotionally unstable personality disorder at a therapeutic community within the NHS.


I have 5 years experience of working in palliative care, where I developed the Doodle Group. A therapeutic and rehabilitative patient group within the wellbeing programme.   


felicity truscott, 6m oak strips


Felicity Parkin-Bell                                   
m: 07988860675


MA Art Psychotherapy                   2020-23

Art Psychotherapy Foundation     2019-20 

Goldsmiths University

City Lit College Basketry Skills      2017-19

Edinburgh College of Art                             

B.A. (HONS)  Glass                        1989-92

Bradford and Ilkley

Community College Foundation 1988-89


Landmarks, Colin Pink                    2014

If I could say it in words, Rich Best               

Line and Curve                               2014

Cultural Quarterly magazine                          

Cover, Winter                                 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize                                 

Catalogue                                       2012



Christiane Sands Award,

City Lit                                           2019

Arts Council England,

Revolution and resonance           2016

Jerwood Drawing Prize                    

Jerwood Space, London              2012

Olympic Inspire Mark                                    

The Big Flag                                 2012

PYBT/ Graham and Green          1994


Coastal Currents Upstraw            2019

Revolution and Resonance          2015

BlueMonkey shared space          2014


Up Straw                                             2020

Hastings Country Park visitor centre

Solo Exhibitions

Ashburnham Place, Battle

Revolution and Resonance             2017

116 Gallery, Tenterden                                  

Line and Curve                                 2014

Blackshed Gallery, Robertsbridge                 

Drawing                                            2013

Towner Gallery, Eastbourne             

Café project space                          2012


Selected group exhibitions/works

Lewes Festival of Basketry               2023

Play, Goldsmiths University              2023

Pause, Goldsmiths University           2022

Tree of Life, Electro Studio Space    2021

Actual, Goldsmiths University        2021

Wilding Festival artist, Churchwood,

Hastings                                              2021

Espacio Gallery, London                    2019

The Project Gallery, Arundel                         

Erosion and Line                            2015

Jerwood Drawing Prize                 2012/3

Birmingham mac 

Bournemouth Art College                                       Jerwood Gallery, Hastings                             

Jerwood Space, London                                


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