I make work that resonates with it's environment. Using native materials I construct woven forms which support themselves in states of dependency. I am interested in elemental change and how exposure creates transformation.

During Revolution and Resonance 2017, I developed an interest in the relationship between the form above water, the anchor below and where the two interact at the surface.  


I combine an intuitive response with basketry craft skills to make interruptions in the environment, tangled 3d floating forms and suspended structures. 


I have learned basketry techniques to develop a deeper understanding of materials and the ability to further my practice through the construction of larger architectural and outdoor works.

Revolution and Resonance 2017
making drawings into sculpture

what I offer

  • site specific sculpture

  • mentoring support

  • woven products

  • workshops

  • garden foraging service 

  • experience days 

email for details

or book through the website

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