line and curve

Searching for ambiguity beyond content. Marks and erosions suggest sensibilities between reality and the enigmatic

The black board series is an exploration of surface, mark, texture, light absorbing matt, reflection and depth. They reference elements of landscape and memory. Time is held on the flattened surface through marks and scuffs; suggesting narratives pertaining to history, visitors, repetition, the living, past generations and layers of earth. A direct correlation endures between the use of charcoal, chalk gesso and landscape - a tension between easily eroded chalk and the permanence of charcoal. I have been making my own materials in a county that is steeped in their natural and social history.

The black boards  are works that require both a period of time in the studio to evolve and an almost meditative spiritual habitat for the viewer to linger over them .  I work over layers of gesso, sanding it back and applying black pigment and oil, charcoal, ink and ash. Scratching and rubbing into the surface building a history of marks that build a visual account.

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