Twined rush
1m x1.5m
Black Birl
Charred willow
60cm x 60cm
Oil can
Hexagonal weave lapping cane
32cm x 25cm
Rope coil
Coiled Romney wool, spun nettle 
60cm x 60cm
Check weave rubber strap
12cm x 12cm x12cm
Coiled raw fleece
30cm x 30cm
Coiled goat yarn and Wendesleydale fleece  
10cm x 12cm
Fox Hole 
Coiled bristle  
15cm x 15cm
The sheep and the goat 
Coiled goat yarn and Romney wool 
15cm x 15cm
Sea kettle
Coiled kale and found fishing line.
15cm x 15cm
Rain disc
Dyed cane.
52cm diameter
Indigo dyed raffia.
60cm diameter

Thanks to Anna Winter for permission to use documentation of Revolution and Resonance

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