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woven stones

'Draw alongside the silence of the stone' 

John O'Donohue.


Using simple Japanese Ikebana basketry knots, I have been drawing around and alongside stones.

My woven or wrapped stones are embedded in the Japanese Aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi which embraces imperfection, irregularity and transience. 


Weathered and worn by their physical experience, they carry integrity, melancholy and stillness in their economy. 


Nothing lasts, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect. 

I collect as I walk, stones catch my eye. I keep them and see them – they become my every day.  When I have a collection, I wrap them as a relatable family.

They coexist until they claim their own space and strength to move on. As forms, they are contained, held, and holding.

woven stones 3 mourning and gift
hands holding woven stone.jpg

Mourning stones


These very special stones are positive transitional objects for the living, They carry substance and meaning in the memories of a life lived for those we love.

I make mourning stones individually for those who are grieving.


Each stone varies in shape and size.  

mourning stone 'Alex'
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